Monday, March 17, 2008

Every Day a Little Treat

Lately, I've been preoccupied with infusing the mundane with a little specialness. It doesn't take a lot, and makes a world of difference. For example, if you are used to gulping down your hot beverage of choice from a mug like this... might enjoy it more if you sat down to this for a change:

And you don't need to spend a fortune on a whole service. Just pay a visit to your local thrift shop, they usually have one or two beautiful cups and saucers of a kind for € 1,-. Arranging flowers is another cheap way of brightening your day. Why wait until someone thinks of you on your birthday? You can pick up some tulips or roses from the supermarket and put them in a thrifted vase of jug as an added touch.


Other ways of perking up an ordinary day:
  • instead of your 10 min "get clean" morning shower with "Head and Shoulders", have a long soak mid-week with that fancy bubble bath you got for Christmas which you were saving for a special occasion,
  • set the table for dinner - for you and your lover (even of 20 years) or just for your ownsome. Candles, flowers, napkins, Grandma's silver. Even if you prepare the same dish you've eaten hundreds of times, it will taste so much better in this atmosphere,
  • wear your "Sunday best", or add some jewelry or an unusual accessory to your work uniform. Not only will you feel special, you will probably receive several compliments, and who is averse to that?
  • buy some pretty stationary and pen an old friend a letter in ink. Everyone loves to receive a letter, especially since email is putting this lovely tradition out of fashion. Add real stamps to the envelope, not that ugly printed strip the post sticks on, calligraphize the addressee, and it's a little work of art,
  • while you are out purchasing letter paper, get yourself an attractive notepad for your personal jottings, making to-do lists will be so much more fun!


What do you do to add some oomph! to an everyday activity? Please mail me or post a comment. I'm off to eat the chocolate Easter rabbit I got as a gift - before it gets old and hard!

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