Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Closet Full of Clothes, and Nothing to Wear

Women like to have new things all the time, especially new clothes. It's just that way. "Must have" lists in fashion magazines and blogs only reflect our seasonal yearnings for the latest draperies without which we feel hopelessly demodé. That's how fashion works. Oscar Wilde, himself not indifferent to outward appearances, caught on a long time ago: "Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable, we have to alter it every six months".

While I don't agree that trends are necessarily hideous, purchasing "in" wear is effectively more frustrating than gratifying. For with each new item, we realize we require another (and another) to properly combine it with. And so it never ends. We amass ever more garb, while our old things (which we just HAD to have a season or two ago) lie in our closets for the moths to feast on. Some of them we haven't even worn once.

From now on, I aim to buy less and air out my old stuff more instead. The same shirt can look so different combined in varying ways, who will care that I bought it ages ago and have it on every other week? Anyway, fashion draws on past styles at a faster pace than ever these days - an outfit bought a decade ago will probably have a revival every few years! 

It takes more ingenuity to work with what there is, than to run out for something new whenever you get stuck or bored with the status quo. Take half a day off (a day you would normally spend shopping) to spread out all the clothes and accessories you own around your room. Now try putting them together in novel ways. You'll be amazed at how many looks can be created by alternating just one dress with different scarves, hats or jackets. And if you take photos while you're at it, you'll have several instant outfits to choose from next time you need to spruce up in a rush!

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