Friday, March 28, 2008

Practicing for Being an Angel

Reading about some artists, their biographies sound like police reports: "Female, caucasian, photographer, born here, schooling there, suicide at 22". So cold. Therefore, I like how Gianni Romano starts out on this page about Francesca Woodman's ethereal art:

"It's difficult at times to find the proper words to describe certain works. You just want to slip the images right under the viewer's nose, feeling certain he will understand and share the feeling that, yes, nothing need be said. It also demands a great effort to evaluate as photographs, pictures that look like rehearsals, the act of practicing in preparation for being an angel".

I envy people who are able to talk or write eloquently about art, since I generally have little to say about mine. It was always my belief that art is a universal language that needn't be translated into words. Words can only fall short of explaining for something understood on an intuitive, archaic level. In the art world today, however, work without long accompanying theoretical texts doesn't seem to be taken seriously anymore. Maybe that's why this photographer remains relatively unknown, since really,  about her oeuvre "nothing need be said"...

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