Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Bernard Frize - Aran

Currently, a great exhibition is showing at the BA-CA Kunstforum. I prefer the subtitle - "Paths of Abstract Painting"  - to the ubitquitous "Monet, Kandinsky, Rothko", as there is only one painting per artist. For some reason, I got in for free, which made my day, as tickets go for almost €9.-. International as well as Austrian artists are represented, whereby the choice focuses on the sensorial force of "the painterly" within the classic square canvas.

I was thrilled to see works by a few painters who rarely make it to Austria, such as Cy Twombly. Unfortunately, I couldn't find many images on the net to post here. Too bad, you'll just have to go to the show yourself (til 29th June)!

Claude Monet - Water-Lilies

Herbert Brandl - Ohne Titel

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