Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Beauty Transforms

Roses from a friend

Beauty is: 
the quality present in a thing or person 
that gives intense pleasure
or deep satisfaction to the mind

Right now, what gives me intense pleasure and deep satisfaction is thrifting (or charity shopping) for my home. The psychology of appreciating things more when they are hard to find definately plays a role here. It also trains the eye to spot subtle beauty in a pile of trash or to see something that looks like nothing but can be transformed when placed or combined attractively.

I've never been much of a collector, and with my regular decluttering fits, I find my new and bigger apartment extremely bare. My aim is to decorate it slowly and lovingly, because where best to create pleasing surroundings than the place one comes home to - and in my case, due to a painting phase - spends a lot of time in? Just waking up to a lovely atmosphere in the bedroom puts me in a good mood right at the start of the day!

Whatever your definition of beauty, it is worth extending it to all aspects of your life, as beauty's capacity to generate pleasure, healing and connection is divinely powerful (Carrie & Danielle) and affects maker and beholder every time. It can be found or created in things, activities, or (being with) certain persons...

What is beautiful to you? 

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