Sunday, April 6, 2008

Less is More

My mother always told me "Cheap is more expensive in the long run". Whenever I was tempted by a bargain, I regretted it soon after. If it was an item of clothing, it usually didn't sit right, the hem would come undone, and/or it would come out funny after washing and have to be thrown away. Thankfully, I sometimes had the sense to buy things of quality - all of which are still hanging in my closet years since. I now steer away from bargain stores (except from second hand or thrift stores, where one can find good quality for little money), and friends are often horrified at what I fork out for say, a pair of shoes, not realizing they spend just as much for four pairs, none of which they can or care to wear a year later.

Some people recommend splurging on classic and neutral pieces, while only purchasing cheap versions of what is fashionable since they will be "out" the next season. I disagree. If what is trendy is not your style, why waste money on it at all? As Carrie & Danielle from Style Statement say in their Amazon blog, "It's better to have few quality things, than low-grade quality. And yes, it is more stylish to wear the same pants a few days a week, (and look and feel great) than to wear something new and cheap that compromises you".

Check out their amazing Manifesto of Style too, I will probably be referring to it more often!

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