Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Made with Love

I find something very touching about pottery that is lop-sided and otherwise imperfect. Maybe it is the same thing that makes flawed faces and figures more fascinating to me than regular ones...

These two beauties I found at a women's Sunday fleamarket. They were made in a ceramics class for disabled people and are lovely shades of petrol blue (a bit washed out in the photograph). Now, they are gracing my bathroom mirror, holding mascara and eye-liner. I wish whoever made them knew how much I appreciate their work.

I picked up this vase at a thrift store. The name Forio D'Ischia is written on the underside. It's form is straight and regular, but the glazing is a little messed up on one side and doesn't completely cover the vase - and that is what makes it more interesting to me!

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