Monday, April 28, 2008


"Life is nothing but noise between two unfathomable silences". 

Isabel Allende says,
"We have very busy lives - or we make them very busy. There is noise and activity everywhere. Few people know how to be still and find a quiet place inside themselves. From that place of silence and stillness the creative forces emerge. There we find faith, hope, strength and wisdom. Since childhood, however, we are taught to do things. Our heads are full of noise. Silence and solitude scare most of us".

I was one of those kids who read a lot and generally spent a lot of time alone, daydreaming and making things. A rich inner life developed which makes me feel stressed when too many outside demands are made on me. I find it hard to relate to people who feel they have to always be on the go, or have the t.v on all day so not to feel alone. 

There are so many benefits from spending time alone:
  • you can really relax and unwind
  • you can get to know yourself and take the time to discover what you like and dislike
  • you can reflect on your experiences and put things in perspective
  • you learn to be independent
  • you get to enjoy your time with others even more
I like this blogger's answer to why people need to spend time alone:
"People need to reflect on things that happen everyday - how they feel, act or respond to certain situations and how their emotions and behaviors affect others. They need to focus on their priorities, plans and relationships. They need to have time to cherish these private thoughts that may be harbingers for solutions and creativity".

So take some me-time and remember, alone does not equal lonely!

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