Sunday, April 13, 2008

Wit and Wisdom

Another weekend devoted to good old BBC - this time their Jane Austen collection. I am already at the half-way mark, having watched "Northanger Abbey", "Persuasion" and "Sense and Sensibility", leaving the best - P&P - for last.  People certainly knew how to enjoy a visit with friends or relatives in those days, staying over for weeks, if not months. Enough time to get to know all their host's social circle, and make a suitable match!

The above photo is of Anne Hathaway as Ms. Austen in "Becoming Jane", also a delightful movie, with a rare and exciting meeting of minds between her and Tom Lefroy, if the story is true. But alas, no happy uniting of their two lives (as their hearts were) such as is always the case in her novels...

Thankfully times have changed since then, and people do not depend on wealthy and often imperious elders for their wedded bliss anymore. Being able to choose our partners for ourselves, however, and that from the many possibilities of meeting people literally at our fingertips, has rendered dating in this day and age a confusing affair - which is why I recommend a book I received several birthdays ago: 

From the inside cover: "With clear sight, common sense and good judgement, (Jane Austen) observed the hits and near-misses of her heroes and heroines in love. Dating certainly hasn't got any easier since then and Lauren Henderson believes that today's singletons could use some of that Regency wisdom.

This is the only dating guide based on stories that really have stood the test of time. It's a fun, insightful book, full of concrete advice and wise strategies that illustrate how honesty, self-awareness and forthrightness do win the right man in the end and weed out the losers, playboys and toxic flirts". 

Happy weeding, my dears!

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