Friday, May 9, 2008


From a 60s women's magazine found at my grandmother's.

She might be love-sick, hung-over, or just having a bad attack of the blahs. Illustrating one of the obligatory soppy love stories included in most German women's magazines of the 60s and 70s, the girl is probably mooning over some guy and waiting (hopefully not in vain) for him to call. 

I love reading the advice columns of yesteryear (it's amazing how little has changed since then), but cannot bring myself to indulge in the romances. It seems paradoxical to warn girls of rogues in real life, but then have happy story endings in which she miraculously reforms him. The mixed messages continue in the 80s where...

"...the fashion pages of magazines such as Cosmopolitan now seem to specialize in telling the career girl what to wear to charm the particular wrong type of man who reads Playboy, while the editorial pages tell her how to cope with the resulting psychic damage".
- from The Language of Clothes, by Alison Lurie

What was it in the 90s? And today? 

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