Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Missa of Thrift Candy also quirk tagged me: 
"The rules of the game are to link the person who tagged you, to tag 6 other bloggers and let them know where the rules are found, and then to post 6 of your quirks". 

Quirk No. 1: When bathing, I have to get in the tub as soon as the water is let in. I lay there and scrub while the bath fills and as soon as it is full, it's time to get out! For reasons only Freud can decipher, I cannot abide still water in a confined space.

Quirk No. 2: Globs of butter and dollops of cream are a must in every meal I prepare. Somehow nothing tastes good to me unless it's full of creamy richness. In our diet-obsessed world, people usually turn up their nose mumbling "calories...", or start lecturing me on clogged arteries. I'm not a porker, however, and the last blood test showed low cholesterol. If you ask me, obsessing and chastising ourselves makes food stick, while indulging in what we enjoy (to a moderate degree of course) allows the body to relax and lose excess pounds!

Quirk No. 3: Occasionally I don't want to see anyone for days, and hole up reading, pottering, painting or going on thrifting forays nobody knows of. Maybe that explains why "The Hermit" Tarot card always was one of my favorites, and even at 16, before learning of Tarot, I was strangely drawn to the artwork on the Led Zeppelin IV album.

Quirk No. 4: Battle scenes in movies give me a thrill - not that I'm bloodthirsty, but I do enjoy a skillful scuffle with phallic weapons or Roman infantry tactics.

Quirk No. 5: I collect novels that are set in cold, inhospitable climates. Detesting and suffering terribly under low temperatures myself, It is my way of vicariously taking part in adventures I physically wouldn't be equipped for. Especially in the summer, I love to reread a favorite while sweltering in the tropical heat that seems to have become the norm here.

Quirk No. 6: I love all things round and organic (read: lop-sided, asymmetrical) whether vegetable or mineral (don't think animals come in such a form).

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Sharon Rose said...

Oooh, butter and cream are my downfall too-ha ha!! I've done a quirk post already-check it out (earlier this month!!)