Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Ohmygoodness, I've been tagged - by the lovely Missa of Thrift Candy! I feel so honored. Here goes...

5 things found in my purse:
  • a registered customer card for Volkshilfe W├╝rfel (Austrian thrift chain)
  • Clinique Mango Tint superbalm
  • a rescusitation mask
  • my battered and loose-at-the-ends Nokia phone (once it even fell down 3 flights of stairs - and survived!)
  • flyers for a petition to save certain concert venues in Vienna from being taken over by a dodgy agenda
5 things found in my bag:
  • a floral print umbrella recently given to me by a friend
  • Tom Ford sunglasses bought cheaply off another friend whom they didn't suit (lucky for me!)
  • a piece of one of my vintage lucite tulip chairs the cats broke. I know it can't be repaired, but I keep thinking when I pass an arts and crafts  shop, I will pop in and ask
  • my Kodak EasyShare digital camera
  • lots of tissues - sniffles in winter, hayfever in spring!
5 favorite things in my room:
  • several little thrifted vases found all in one day, arranged on a chest of drawers
  • the beginning of a vintage cushion collection (so far only 2)
  • a periwinkle thrifted nightie
  • 2 colorfully striped shoe boxes that hold 2 pairs of black boots from Shu!
  • my Rider-Waite Tarot Deck
5 things I've always wanted to do:
  • travel through Andalusia again (I felt so totally at home there the one time I visited)
  • visit cowboy country (after reading Annie Proulx's books and books she recommended on her website)
  • have my own shop offering wonderful thrift finds as well as tea and good chats
  • restyle a few ladies of my acquaintance - rid their wardrobes of unflattering clothes and shop for pieces that pull the whole thing together
  • do the same with someone's living space
5 things I am currently into:
  • thrifting, thrifting, thrifting!
  • a positive outlook - after years of being a grumpy old bag, optimism is sooo much more fun
  • going to concerts
  • wish lists
  • colors
5 impressions on Missa:
  • I love her natural/hippie vibe!
  • She has a great eye for flea market finds...
  • ...as well as for throwing clothes together in individual ways
  • I like her writing style, it flows and draws the reader into getting excited about the things she is excited about
  • She just has great taste overall!

The quirks game is next!


Sharon Rose said...

Hi Karima-thanks for tagging me-I will be doing a post on this later!! I love your blog-a fellow thrifter like myself-yay!!
Shall we swap links too-I've already put you on my blogroll!!

Karima said...

will do so right away!

Missa said...

You are just too cute! Thanks so much for your lovely impressions and yay for "thrifting! thrifting! thrifting!" and a positive outlook!