Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bad Taste

Lisa Yuskavage

Many people seem to think modern and contemporary art is overrated. How often do you overhear someone saying "My 5-year old daughter could do that!" (or have even thought it yourself?). Take it from me, it takes great skill (and courage) to paint "badly" and still create good art. It's true that anyone (with talent) can paint well when adhering to approved trends, established teachings and affiliated schools. But painting ugly, kitschy and (politically) incorrectly is a challenge and a way of formulating a fundamental distrust of "successfully accomplished" artwork. 

"In an eye-opening exhibition, the MUMOK draws attention to the phenomenon of "bad painting" which, up till now, has been given too little consideration. Twenty-one painterly positions are (sic) shown that... manifest their "badness" in various strategies of bad, ugly or malicious painting and thus contain elements or irony, protest, trash, kitsch and shock". 

The two American artists featured here are my faves:

John Currin

Photos taken at the MUMOK, Vienna

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Sharon Rose said...

An interesting perspective to see!!