Saturday, June 21, 2008


Browsing through wardrobe_remix today, I was intrigued by who was behind the name "verhext" and discovered a lady with such amazing style, my morning regime will just have to wait until I have shared it with you! Since I'm a classic kind of girl, I'm attracted to the more subdued outfits, but check out her photostream for a reinvention of the 20s, dance, theater and even Native Indian fashion. I love the way that curly hair adds to the look!


gilda said...

gasp! that first picture is absolutely amazing. i would love to carry off a flapper style. i love it but it is so not "me".

Sharon Rose said...

Yes, a very striking look!

Terren said...

wow. i thought this post was about a movie star from the first picture.

she's a great example of someone who wears the clothes, and not vice versa.

great blog!