Friday, June 13, 2008

Fairy Tale Inspiration

I love reading mythological, folk and fairy tales and their psychological meanings. A while ago, I did some some postcard collages on this theme. Like many stories themselves, I wanted the additions to be very subtle and hardly visible at first glance. 

Today, reading (let alone telling) children fairy tales seem to be out of vogue. I constantly meet kids who've never heard of Rapunzel or The Little Matchstick Girl and it makes me very sad. My childhood was so influenced by the tales I read and heard, both our parents even made up bed-time stories for my sister and me!  I am still fascinated by Bluebeard and The Snow Queen and Sindbad's Adventures etc.

What are your favorite fairy tales?


Missa said...

I love Thumbelina and one of my nicknames in highschool was Rapunzel because of my long hair :)

Karima said...

"Fumbelina" was a favorite of my sister's - she couldn't say "th"!

Nadia said...

great collages. i like them a LOT