Monday, June 16, 2008

The Gray Zone

Scarf: thrifted
Tee: Patrizia Pepe
Trousers: French Connection
Shoes: Neutralizer (US)

Green has given over to gray...

Tee: Gap
Tank: Humanoid
Shorts: thrifted
Ostrich leather bag: Vintage (Zeitgeist, Vienna)

Before purchasing this bag, I had never come into contact with ostrich leather and agonized for an age over whether to get it. With the right shape, however, this somewhat granny-esque material can be quite stylish, I think. And synchronicity seems to be at work again: At the thrift store today, I found this fake ostrich leather purse, in a color I am starting to really like!


Missa said...

Nice find and perfect for your new gray phase because gray and yellow are one of the all time greatest color combos!

Terren said...

omg...i love patrizia pepe! it's the first blogger post i've seen of her clothes, i think. have you been to her boutique in firenze? :]