Thursday, June 26, 2008

Street Style

I'm becoming somewhat bored of photographing my little ol' self, and was hoping to capture some some styling ladies on my way into the 1st district to meet a friend. Never-ending streams of Russian and Spanish football fans, and then a most copious downpour, however, ruined my grand plans. I was shooting from inside a bus and only two pictures made it past iPhoto:

This gal looked so laid-back and Robin Hood-esque:

This outfit was very chic, sorry you can't see it. I'm plum crazy about dove-gray!

What I wore: nothing preloved today I'm afraid. It's rare for me to not be wearing at least one thrifted item. Ah well, no need to get pedantic about it!

Tee: MaxMara
Bag: Coccinelle
Skirt: See by ChloƩ
Shoes: Pura Lopez


Missa said...

Oooh street style pics, how fun! That first one is awesome, gorgeous coloring. I think being a street style photographer would be so much fun. If only I wasn't so shy about that kind of thing! Thrifted or not you look lovely :)

Sharon Rose said...

This monochrome look is soo stylish on you!!

esperanca said...

The silver shoes are a truly fab find!