Thursday, June 5, 2008

White Interiors

Last night, a friend and I watched "American Psycho", I for the second time, he for the twenty-second! Apart from his plastic features and immaculate couture, I was struck by the sterility and minimalism of Bateman's apartment. Discovering that a beau lived like that, would most definately give me the heebie-jeebies, as well as the urge to run far, far away. My relief was immense when Chloe Sevigny left his place just in the nick of time!

While I need color around me to feel comfortable (it doesn't show up the dirt as quickly as egg-shell), I think it takes real skill to decorate mostly in white without one's rooms looking like an intensive care unit on a fancy film set. Apartment Therapy features the rooms of a couple named Glorily and Jeremy who have achieved this balancing act beautifully:

I can imagine spending many happy hours in these surroundings! 

Check out more photos here.

I am including these corners by other people on AT as the kind of minimal yet compelling arrangements I would love to be able to put together myself.

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Ash1314 said...

what I would pay to have that radio!!