Thursday, July 31, 2008

Last Year at Krapfenwaldbad

This is where my sister and I probably spent most of our childhood summers - at a pool set in the "mountains" surrounding Vienna. Last year, I visited it for the first time after an 18 year hiatus, and fell in love with its charming old-fashioned changing cabins and magnificent views all over again. Today, unfortunately, a hail(!) storm started brewing an hour after a friend and I arrived and we fled. Obviously, some bits have been renovated (what we called "the freezing pool" back then is redone and therefore warmer), so I've vintaged the photos somewhat in reminiscence of those girlhood summers...

Storm brewing over Krapfenwaldbad, Döbling, Vienna

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

"They Who Enter...

...this sacred tomb shall swift be visited by the wings of death".

Well, I was swift visited by a museum attendant of the current Tutankhamun exhibit when taking the forbidden bottom photo (it was worth a scolding). 150 objects from Tutankhamun's tomb and others pharaohs of the Valley of the Kings are on display at Vienna's Ethnological Museum, most of which weren't even included in the unprecedented London exhibit in 1972. Within six months, 1.6 million people are reported to have visited the British Museum then, I doubt Vienna can boast a fraction of that number - tickets are half-price right now, and there certainly was no queue. Goody for my friends and I, we spend an age wandering round and round each imposing statue, trying to guess whether the funny looking one was indeed Akhenaten. Next re-read is definately Naguib Mahfouz' "Akhenaten, Dweller in Truth"...

Monday, July 28, 2008

"Oh Dear!"

Watching the "Sleeping Murder" episode of Miss Marple (as well as being too lazy to style my hair) inspired me to have another headscarf day...

Scarf: Ferragamo

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Blazer's Edge

Found this Dolce & Gabbana blazer on our thrifting foray yesterday (when I deliberately set out not to buy anything!) Couldn't resist the peak lapels and tailoring though - you don't really find anything like it nowadays. There were matching trousers, but their cut was a little outmoded.

Check out the lovely material:

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Retro To Go

Polyklamott, Hofmühlgasse, 1060 Vienna

Esperança in a cute bolero

I've wanted to do a post on this store for a while - if you prefer not to dress like everyone else, it's an interesting place to shop. Not only do they have vintage clothes and accessories, but also unique creations by young designers. Two like-minded ladies (living in Dubai and visiting Vienna for the weekend) and I came here after the Saturday fleamarket and they both made a find!

Esperança and Michelle, hungry after treasure hunting

A little second hand guide lying in the store found its way into my bag (as did another white blazer - photo tomorrow). Presented by project called Caretaker, it lists all the benefits - for you AND the environment - of second hand shopping, and reminded me of some places I forgot to mention here, as well as some for children's clothing:

for kids:
2, Maja
9, Jacobi (I've passed this several times, it has beautiful things!)

Friday, July 25, 2008

Pretty Little Things

A sick friend I visited today served me coffee in this charming cup. Aesthetic little gestures like these make my day, and the coffee tasted much better than otherwise!

Trois Couleurs: Bleeuuch!

Headband: thrifted
Scarf: Hermès
Top: Costume National
Jeans: Helmut Lang
Shoes: new but Second Hand

I watched Kielslowski's film recently, and yawned all the way through, scene after contrived scene. It got a bunch of awards, and imdb comments do nothing but sing its praises, but the fuss is beyond me.

Far better is the dark British comedy series "The League of Gentlemen" (in which the movie is also mentioned), which will keep your cheeks wet with laughter, your stomach churning and your finger pressing for the next episode before the credits roll. Not for the faint-hearted or PC-minded, every single twisted character in the sinister Yorkshire town called Royston Vasey is played by one of three male actors (and writers), in most superb and wickedly appealing manner. To reveal more would spoil the fun!

Monday, July 21, 2008

A Stylish Thriller

To culminate an eventful weekend, I rewatched an old favorite on VHS last night. "Eyes of Laura Mars" combines many of my preferred themes: photography, (late 70s) fashion, crime, (non-soppy) romance and the supernatural. Although she wears them with great panache, I am not sure about Faye Dunaway's plaids, capes and deerstalker caps - trop Sherlock Holmes! Speaking of whom, I have a DVD date tonight, to watch a few episodes of his adventures. There are many silver screen Holmeses, but none who embody his mysteriousness, arrogance and obsession quite like the actor Jeremy Brett! Highly recommendable.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Deersign and Versace

Wearing the Versace today. I have to be careful, ever since watching "Showgirls", I say Vers-ace (as in Ace of Spades) to the point where I forget how it really is pronounced. I just found that scene so touching. A friend helped me pick up a whole bunch of my paintings from somewhere beyond Melk. We saw this lovely creature on the way:

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Party Outfit

Blazer: thrifted
Bag: vintage
Dress: picked up on a Turkish holiday

Outfit inspiration: Blazers and chain handbags from Karla's Closet! In the background are my Jugendstil closets - thought it'd make a nice change to my usual sideboard!


Love the way this lady is wearing her scarf!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Cat Fun

The kitties also got something yesterday...


A few days ago, I saw the most beautiful 70s cream blazer in my local thrift store. Everything about it was suave, the huge pockets, the lapels, yet alas, the sleeves were too short! I was miffed, to say the least, but then I found this Benetton blazer in another thrift store yesterday! It is less creamy, but not sterile white, thank goodness. Couldn't wait to try it out with one of the scarves. This is the result. 

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Will be alternating these two looks today, depending on where and how confident I am. Going to the pet shop scarf-headed might be a tad too much!



Oh me, I told you I was receiving a vintage Hermès scarf on loan from a collector extraordinaire in Germany. Well, it arrived today, and that, to my surprise, accompanied by two more! I wanted to share them right away, but expect some outfit posts soon! Are they not utterly, utterly delightful? Thank you, thank you, foulard friend!

Salvatore Ferragamo

Atelier Versace

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Blog Award

It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy to receive an award. This lovely little label was given to me by Sharon Rose and I would like to pass it on to:

1. Fashion Addict (very thought-provoking posts)
2. All this Happiness (thrifting inspiration)
3. Cat's Meow (who is a dreamer - there are too few)
4. Krisatomic (gorgeous photography and illustration)
5. No Signposts in the Sea (so romantic)

The rules are:
1. when received, you may post the premio to your blog
2. link to the blogger you received it from
3. give it to 7 blogs (yes, I took the liberty of choosing 5)
4. link to those 7 blogs
5. and leave those 7 bloggers a comment about receiving the brilliant premio!

Happy linking, ladies!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hollywood Knots

I've always been awed by elegant ladies wearing headscarves in the movies, especially paired with sunglasses and riding in convertibles. Maybe it was customary years ago (when women wore gloves on a daily basis too), but I needed a good dose of guts yesterday when donning mine. It is obviously too small for that look, but just you wait. Soon I will be receiving a gorgeous vintage Hermes in the mail and can do a Babushka like Grace Kelly or a proper Kelly scarf or an Ascot Wrap... oh, the possibilities are endless!

Scarf: thrifted
Top: Santacroce
Skirt: Mango

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Personal Shopper

If there is something I love to do, and am indulged far too rarely, it's give sartorial advice. Here is my French "teacher" at Zara in the outfit I put together for his job interview. It took some convincing for he is not used to wearing color. The suit is very dark brown, the shirt and tie shades of dusty rose. What do you think? Austria is rather conservative, but need everyone don the boring old black or gray suit/light blue shirt combo? I think he looks very smart, and hope he nails that job!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Of Symphonies

James Whistler, Symphony in White No. 2

Art critics can sometimes be annoying. That is why I love the little anecdote I just read about Whistler's "Symphony in White No. 1. The White Girl". He had changed its title from "The Woman in White" due to a novel by the same name having recently having been published (written by Wilkie Collins and a riveting read, by the way!) and was criticized by one Philip Gilbert Hamerton, who sharply observed it was not precisely a symphony in white, but that it included yellow, brown, blue, green... "Does he then", asked Whistler, "believe that a Symphony in F contains no other note, but shall be a continued repetition of F, F, F...? Fool".

A Tram With a View

The sky was such a beautiful deep blue yesterday evening while I was on my way home, but no one else seemed to notice. Sometimes the most unusual cloud colors and patterns are mixed up in the heavens and I am the only one staring! Is no one impressed by nature anymore, or are they just too preoccupied to see? In that case, my head is empty, because nothing out of the ordinary escapes me...

Votivkirche and environs