Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Blog Award

It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy to receive an award. This lovely little label was given to me by Sharon Rose and I would like to pass it on to:

1. Fashion Addict (very thought-provoking posts)
2. All this Happiness (thrifting inspiration)
3. Cat's Meow (who is a dreamer - there are too few)
4. Krisatomic (gorgeous photography and illustration)
5. No Signposts in the Sea (so romantic)

The rules are:
1. when received, you may post the premio to your blog
2. link to the blogger you received it from
3. give it to 7 blogs (yes, I took the liberty of choosing 5)
4. link to those 7 blogs
5. and leave those 7 bloggers a comment about receiving the brilliant premio!

Happy linking, ladies!

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