Monday, July 21, 2008

A Stylish Thriller

To culminate an eventful weekend, I rewatched an old favorite on VHS last night. "Eyes of Laura Mars" combines many of my preferred themes: photography, (late 70s) fashion, crime, (non-soppy) romance and the supernatural. Although she wears them with great panache, I am not sure about Faye Dunaway's plaids, capes and deerstalker caps - trop Sherlock Holmes! Speaking of whom, I have a DVD date tonight, to watch a few episodes of his adventures. There are many silver screen Holmeses, but none who embody his mysteriousness, arrogance and obsession quite like the actor Jeremy Brett! Highly recommendable.


Sharon Rose said...

yes, I agree about the cape!!

Missa said...

This movie sounds awesome! Thanks for the tip, I will definitely be checking it out!

Rox said...

Now I'm interested.. I'll have to keep my eye out for that movie!