Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Of Symphonies

James Whistler, Symphony in White No. 2

Art critics can sometimes be annoying. That is why I love the little anecdote I just read about Whistler's "Symphony in White No. 1. The White Girl". He had changed its title from "The Woman in White" due to a novel by the same name having recently having been published (written by Wilkie Collins and a riveting read, by the way!) and was criticized by one Philip Gilbert Hamerton, who sharply observed it was not precisely a symphony in white, but that it included yellow, brown, blue, green... "Does he then", asked Whistler, "believe that a Symphony in F contains no other note, but shall be a continued repetition of F, F, F...? Fool".


a cat of impossible colour said...

Haha, that's great!

Danette said...

I love your indignation!
"Woman In White" is one of the greatest books, I agree, but did you read "Moonstone"...or, "The Moonstone"? I couldn't get through it, maybe it was my free lobotomy with childbirth they were offering at the hospital. Perhaps I will try again when my kids have grown!
I love your blog, you look fabulous darling.

Karima said...

Danette - Thank you! I did read The Moonstone. It was nowhere near as good, and took me forever to finish.