Friday, August 1, 2008

Fashion Sucks

Due to starting a new job soon after a creative break of six months, I went "real" shopping for the first time since February (I need office attire) and was disgusted. Even though H&M, Mango and other cheap places were avoided, everything I tried on was badly cut and dyed, often with the seams already coming undone, and made of material that looked like one wash would do it in.

Perhaps it's the sales? For two days I have been looking for summer tops without fussy details or prints and with sleeves long enough to cover my tattoo. Nothing doing - frills and funny dangly bits galore - stuff obviously no one wanted when it was full price (or half-price either, seeing as they have been reduced for some time already).

Apologies for the grumpy tone and lack of photo. I am frustrated and tired and wondering where on earth to find appropriate gear. Guess I will stick to my beloved thrift and second hand stores (although blouses and tees that fit right are hard to find). At least I now know I have not been missing out on anything!


Sharon Rose said...

yes, you may well find better quality things via thrifting, but for tops maybe try Gap if you have one?

Missa said...

That sucks! Wishing you great office-wear thrifting luck and good luck with the new job too!