Monday, August 18, 2008

New Beginnings

This is what I wore to my first day at work (pre-make-up and jewelry). After such a long break, I already feel resistance to sitting in an office all day. At least there is a spectacular view from my window (photo tomorrow), as well as nice colleagues and a good cafeteria - the most important aspects of a job, wouldn't you agree?

Top: Jette Joop
Skirt: Tara Jarmon


Missa said...

Oh definitely! Good people and good food is key to a pleasurable work experience! What a lovely professional you are :)

yasmine b. said...

Nice Tara Jarmon skirt...wish you good luck for your new job.
I love your blog, always good tips and good taste

Sharon Rose said...

Good luck with the job and pleased you are settling in nicely!!