Saturday, August 30, 2008

Second Hand Working Rose

Twinset: second hand Stefanel
Trousers: second hand St Emile

I wasn't aware of the brand St Emile (and couldn't access their website now that I am) before purchasing the two items featured here - found on two consecutive weekends! All I know is that it is German and seems to produce conservative and good-quality clothes. The soft material of the trousers alone make me feel like a million bucks (although they only cost €20.-).

Putting together work-appropriate outfits has been rather challenging and my wardrobe still does not contain much that is suitable - jeans having hitherto been my clothing of choice for workdays. So second hand shopping and thrifting is turning into a new experience: items I would have previously discarded as too boring are finding their way into my bag now, and I confess, it's kind of fun! I feel like I am playing dress-up with a professional mom's clothes...

Shirt: thrifted St Emile
Skirt: thrifted

This is obviously not a work outfit!


Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-2 gorgeous outfits and you're right, its amazing what formal clothes are available from thrifting, excellent quality things are out there!

Missa said...

I've done a couple of swaps lately and it's so fun to thrift from a different perspective with someone else in mind. I would imagine this to be similar only it's for yourself :)

You look lovely, and that second outfit is especially chic!