Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fleamarket Finds

Inspired by yesterday's fleamarket, I checked the calender this morning and discovered one taking place practically next door. That and the sun showing its bright face for the first time in two weeks got me out of bed as if bitten by a tarantula. I was well rewarded for getting up early on a Sunday morning by finally finding a confectionary stand! It's not as pretty as many I've drooled over and the metal bits are somewhat discolored, but I like the combination of orange and petrol and the price (€4.-) was convincing. Now I can have another Scone Sunday with all the treats in layers...

wood tea light holder

little birdie to keep rings in

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hippie Street

It is the weekend of the biannual fleamarket in the Neubaugasse, and silly me, I forgot to take my camera. In spring and autumn, antique and second-hand dealers and several of the shops in the area have their wares out for sale all down this extended street. The 7th district is known for its esoteric/alternative residents, so colorful, hand- and homemade items abound, as well as crystals, hippie-store supplies and savory Indian food!

My friends were looking for records and found quite a number. I went without an agenda and bought an Estée Lauder mascara for half-price as well as a big rose quartz for my work PC, seeing I seem to spend half my life in front of it. I even discovered a glove store whose owner promised they would stock affordable long gloves in a couple of weeks. What a tantalizing wait this will be!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

I Covet...

...a pair of long, black leather "handshoes" (Handschuhe) for fall/winter! Here, the temperature have plummeted to glacial conditions and there is nothing more unpleasant than icy air blowing up one's sleeve. In fact, every winter, I fantasize about full-body thermal underwear - like childrens' pyjamas with shoes attached - but covering hands and including a nice warm hoodie (detachable bits, of course) - has anyone invented this yet? I'm ready to order a family-sized package in black and cream!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Lady Boss

Hermes at the Palmenhaus

Yet another photo related to last weekend. Foulard Addict just sent it to me, and seeing as blogging has sadly taken a back seat since starting my new job, I am grateful he provided me with something to post!

There is one style highlight in the grey office environment, however, and that is my boss. Wish I could post her outfits on a daily basis - they are so wonderfully floaty and feminine in lovely colors and combined with beautiful shoes and accessories. Makes me downright envious - even though I could never pull off that look. Still, my wardrobe seems very measly all of a sudden.

Instead of comparing and becoming miserable, I will try to pick out and incorporate elements that suit me among my own things as well as peruse the thrift and second hand stores with a new look in mind. There will always be someone who is more beautiful, refined, original etc. and if you are lucky enough to have them around on a daily basis, you might as well look to them for inspiration!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Art of Knotting

It's the most beautiful weekend of the year - hot with cool breezes - and I am still ill (happens every summer), grrr. After yesterday's traipsing about town, a day at home would really be in order for me to recover. It's just so darn hard on a sunny Sunday when everyone is out and about. Instead of moping, I decided to try out a new knotting style from the Hermes cards - combining two or more scarves. Here is what I came up with...

Silk continued...

Found the scarves in the Hermes Fall-Winter catalogue after all! Above is Foulard Addict's, below is one put away for me in this year's Indian theme (I won't be returning though - can't afford it), and further below are images from Hermes' lovely little knotting cards.

Next time you break an arm, you'll know how to accessorize!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Silk Appeal

Today, Foulard Addict (a scarf collector from Germany who happens to be visiting Vienna) and I met for the first time and wandered about the city center, ending up - surprise, surprise - in the Hermes store on Graben 22. It was my first time there, and oh, did I like it! The scarf I would have bought if money wasn't an issue, is not featured on their website, but I'm posting some others that tickle my fancy - see the designs here. F. A. had picked a couple out a few days earlier, and I felt very flattered to be allowed to make the final decision. His is not shown on the website either, but is a great combination of orange, white and purple. My mom once had a floppy 70s hat with a scarf in similar colors which probably influenced me!

all photos from the HERMÈS website

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Call me Ishmael


Sick at home and reading Moby Dick which, needless to say, is no facile task! My sister recommended it, and as we enjoy a similar taste in books, I had to order it too. Stories about land or sea quests and expeditions, the hardships involved and relations among the crew etc. hold a strange fascination for me, and Melville's opus is no exception. Though not a work of entertainment, there are some wonderfully farcical bits strewn amid the more heavy-going chapters - the sailor cum priest's six page sermon on Jonah and his whale at the beginning being the point where I knew I was going to get through this tome, come what may...