Saturday, September 6, 2008

Silk Appeal

Today, Foulard Addict (a scarf collector from Germany who happens to be visiting Vienna) and I met for the first time and wandered about the city center, ending up - surprise, surprise - in the Hermes store on Graben 22. It was my first time there, and oh, did I like it! The scarf I would have bought if money wasn't an issue, is not featured on their website, but I'm posting some others that tickle my fancy - see the designs here. F. A. had picked a couple out a few days earlier, and I felt very flattered to be allowed to make the final decision. His is not shown on the website either, but is a great combination of orange, white and purple. My mom once had a floppy 70s hat with a scarf in similar colors which probably influenced me!

all photos from the HERMÈS website

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Missa said...

How fun to meet up with another scarf enthusiast and go to what I would imagine is like silk scarf heaven!

I always check out the scarfs while thrifting. One day maybe I'll come across a real gem and send it to you :)