Sunday, September 7, 2008

Silk continued...

Found the scarves in the Hermes Fall-Winter catalogue after all! Above is Foulard Addict's, below is one put away for me in this year's Indian theme (I won't be returning though - can't afford it), and further below are images from Hermes' lovely little knotting cards.

Next time you break an arm, you'll know how to accessorize!


Missa said...

Oh man, that scarf you had put away is SO COOL! It's a shame it's too expensive... SIGH. Seriously, that print is perfect!

Love those cards, the little side bow is cute and the silk sling is pretty funny!

Anonymous said...

I love that - actually a couple of years ago I had an accident and the next day I had to fly and I used a scarf, but not Hermes, and I felt a bit pretentious - but now I see I was spot on. Next time I'll go to my best scarves - if there is a next time