Sunday, October 19, 2008


Yesterday, I broke down for the first time in months and bought something new: this scarf. I love it to death already. It's huge and warm and goes with everything. I sat around all evening wrapped in it, realizing that a strict diet of thrifting makes me want to binge like crazy once tasting a bit of newness. Because I loathe trotting around town on a mission (nothing ever gets found that way anyway), I logged onto ebay for the first time and also made my first bid. Yikes! Regrets began as soon as I confirmed (typical). It's a steal though and I made a resolution to only look as things under a certain price in order to avoid temptation, and in future, not bid the same day.

As I suspect some of you are seasoned ebuyers, what is your experience with online shopping? Do you usually get what you expected, and how much do you purchase this way compared to going into stores?


Missa said...

The scarf is so beautiful!
Surprisingly, I've never purchased clothing online before.

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-the scarf is really lovely, a good buy!! On ebay, I tend to watch the item and bid within the last 30 seconds of auction end if I badly want it still. Online, I've only bought from Topshop recently, they've a good system and if I don't like it, I can return it to my local topshop store.

a cat of impossible colour said...

Gorgeous scarf!

I have never purchased any clothing online. It's kind of one of my rules ... I don't need another Internet procrastination tool, and I tend to labour under the delusion that money spent online isn't 'real' money (that delusion dissipates as soon as the bills come in, of course!). But I love the idea of purchasing online and getting exciting things in the mail - fun!

esperanca said...

Fab scarf, Karima! I heart ebay - great for unique and quirky pieces. I usually set a ceiling for a maximum bid. Prevents the need to wake up at ridiculous hours given the time difference here. Happy Bidding!

WendyB said...

When you're bidding on eBay, don't forget to snipe: