Friday, January 23, 2009

Common Threads

I spent the morning at the Textile Museum in DC, taking in an exhibition of rugs and textiles collected by the Hajji Baba Club - wealthy experts and aficionados of Oriental rugs who traveled far and wide to seek out specific patterns. If I had moolah, I guess I would too!


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Change is in the Air

Thrifting is also a priority while I am here, but the vintage store I was hoping to visit is closed for the entire period of my stay. Instead, we went to a second hand book store in Reston and the Goodwill in Falls Church, VA yesterday. The latter is about 50 times bigger than the 2 charity shops I visit in Vienna! I found 2 summer skirts, 2 warm vests, 2 tee shirts, 1 turtle neck and a crocheted cardigan (this is starting to sound like a certain Christmas tune) for an average of $ 4 per item, what a score!

I still want to find more vintagey or folksy stuff - can anyone recommend a good vintage/thrift store to visit in the Northern Virginia/DC area?

Friday, January 16, 2009

Wrap Up!

These temperatures make me want to remain huddled up in blankets all day - which is just what I did after thrifting this one! It actually warmed up to 0 degrees Celcius though and I got rather hot and itchy at work - apart from what I believe were incredulous looks from co-workers. Ah, the corporate environment does stifle the artistic soul!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Z for Zelig

I haven't had much opportunity to go thrifting lately, and so great was my excitement when I found these pillow covers yesterday. They obviously don't belong together, but it is rare to find a matching set and I decided to just look out for ones that kind of fit together and start a collection! Since my cats love to sharpen their nails around the edges of my bed, it is hard to justify regularly replacing expensive new cotton bed linen. Anyway, who can afford having it monogrammed too? At least one initial on this pillow case is mine. Guess I need to marry someone whose name starts with Z...

it's -7 degrees Celcius today, brrrrr!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

"If You Flop at Something,

                                                     So What? Do Something Else"! 
                                                                                                           E. Jean Carroll

So, my Hokusai top was obviously a total lapse of taste - NOBODY was interested in having it! At least now I needn't feel bad about throwing it into a recycling container (those scarves are still on offer though).

I'm a total fan of Auntie Eeee, journalist and advice columnist of Elle magazine. She is amazingly perceptive and hilarious to boot. While taking a no-nonsense but understanding approach to questions, and even consulting experts where her extensive knowledge has its limits, her usual advice to whiners is "Go help someone worse off than you"! 

Check out her column here and her website here.

Kitsch Overload

On my wanderings today, I thought about pressing my nose up against this window, but opted to go inside instead and sniff around, even if the owner was a bit aloof. Already stuffed with chocolate, the display did not tempt my taste buds terribly today, but "Süssi" (a play on Sissi and sweetie) on Operngasse is going straight to my To Do list for 2009. A list which, by the way, is full of fun and creative things, and not a single item do to with achievement (well, apart from saving money - hard times, these)!

The lamp below, hanging in "Little Joe's Gang", is made of trophies. I think it is absolutely brilliant and when "hard times" are over, want to commission a smaller one for my living room...