Sunday, February 8, 2009


Thrifted in Alexandria, VA

Chanel bought at Duty Free (I had a reckless moment!) and necklace thrifted yesterday. It reminds me of Lady Melbourne. If I don't end up wearing it, I might try to remodel it into something like this or this, or it'll become a give away!


Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-thats a gorgeous sequin top, brilliant find!

Luxurina said...

Can you recommend any thrift /vintage stores in northern virginia?

Karima said...

there are a couple of proper vintage stores in Alexandria, 'fraid I cannot remember names or addresses. They are closed Monday (the day we went!). I found the sequined top in a charity store on King Street. A place in Reston looked nice from the outside, and there is a great second hand bookstore open every day next to it!
The internet lists tons of places all over Northern Viriginia and we also checked out Falls Church, but again most places were closed. So: check opening times and don't go to a place called Unique - it's listed as a thrift store but sells horrible, cheap, new stuff.
Good luck hunting and let me know where you get lucky!