Sunday, February 1, 2009

Back from Vienna,

Driving by the Capitol

Virginia to Vienna, Austria. Seems my family has a thing about Vienna. It's been a couple of days and yet I am too jetlagged to take photos of my new/old purchases over yonder (they aren't earth-shattering, I had such bad luck with thrift and vintage stores - most of them being closed on the day or at the time we turned up!), so here are some images of how I spent most of my time - at home, sweet, home with Sasha, my mother's cute little pit bull on the couch watching the inauguration, and oh joy, TCM, a channel that plays classic films all day long and commercial-free.

It also took some time to explore all my mother's new antique and flea markets finds of which the house is chock-full, as well as hundreds of art catalogues and coffee table books. My lovely mummy even gave me an amazing book on masks which I may showcase later. That portrait up there, by the way, is of her in younger years.

Mainly, I wanted to drive around taking in the sun (after 4 months of almost solid grey and overcast skies here, I had pretty much forgotten what it looks like) so she chauffered me aimlessly through the back roads of Northern Virginia where we shook our heads at ridiculous replicas of Versailles, Tara and the White House scattered among the woods - who lives in these places?

And then we visited my old favorite, Great Falls Park:

Could have stayed here watching the water forever. Actually, I could have stayed in the States for a very long period of time. You can say what you want about it, but people are a darn sight friendlier than in this beautiful but morose birthplace of psychoanalysis!