Friday, February 6, 2009

Belle D'Aube

I've been drooling over Deneuve's outfits in "Belle de Jour" lately. Those mini-dresses, those shoes, and she had a different gorgeous coat on every day! Well, if I can't have her clothes, at least I held her pose in the bathroom yesterday, when for some inexplicable reason (probably the new machine), I put woolens and delicates through a rough washing cycle which shrunk a favorite pullover and a new pyjama. I'm still so mad at myself, because it's not the first time. Does this happen to anyone else? Anyway, waking up at the crack of dawn on a Saturday when I wanted to sleep in also had it's rewards - seeing possibly the only slip of blue sky there will be this weekend!


Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-sorry to hear about the jumper, I've done that too! Have a lovely weekend!

Anonymous said...

Lovely necklace for a lovely neck! Well, Sacher-Masochs Severin had definitely more happy moments than Bunuels Sevérine! :) J.

Anonymous said...

On second thought... I've being wrong before! :/ J.