Saturday, September 5, 2009

Eyes Like Saucers

Perhaps not the most flattering sunglasses, but I am considering purchasing this jacket. It is part of a petite designer suit - second hand of course, and therefore affordable and worth recycling the skirt.

Lately, I've been feeding clothes containers with jumbo sized portions; it feels sooo good to have more space and order in the apartment. Even good shoes (which never were totally comfortable) went in. Must be a sign of age when comfort is more important than beauty!


Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-love your outfit, where is your white dress from, its gorgeous!!

The Waves said...

That is a great jacket, and it looks perfect with the rest of your outfit, even the sunglasses! I have never been a jacket/blazer-type-of-girl, but I love the look. I just tend to run away from everything that might look "proper" or "mature", but I guess I should give it a try..!

Karima said...

thanks! it's actually a tank top and skirt. fomer designed by a friend of a friend, latter thrifted as usual!