Friday, October 30, 2009


Hurray to Sharon who made a great find and shared the quote below from it:

'What Makes a Great Wardrobe? Versatility is the key word, which means having clothes that cope with every situation, so you don't have to rush out to buy something new the minute an invitation drops through the letterbox. The aim is to extract the maximum of looks from the minimum of clothes with the least possible effort and expense. A clever wardrobe has limitless permutations; will accommodate all the new clothes you do buy and can be worn even when fashion changes.'

Do you purchase something new for every special occasion, or are you easy prey to salesladies ("Oh, you can't buy that without taking this belt/sweater/blouse too!)? For the longest time, I certainly was. Thanks to the rule of not buying anything unless you can think of at least three items you already own to wear it with, however, I am getting closer and closer to my sartorial goal: To build up a wardrobe of items which I love, fit properly, are flattering, timeless and can be combined endlessly! This pink cardigan (second hand DSquared) is one of those pieces. I have been wearing it almost every week since months and have not tired of matching it yet!

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SR@MyStyle said...

Hi there-thanks for the shout out my dear and pleased to hear you ordered the book, there was so much more I could have quoted, but now you can read for yourself, it really is a great buy! Love your outfit, the pink cardi is indeed a stylish piece to own! Have a good weekend!