Saturday, November 21, 2009

Ask Not What the Fashion Industry Can Do For You...

Image: H&M

Der Standard, an independent Austrian newspaper, has an interesting article on fashion in its weekend edition. Klaus Mühlbauer, the GM of fashion enterprise Mühlbauer questions whether, since the emergence of stores such as H&M, Zara and Topshop, people are better dressed? While some think they are special because they have a (cheap) copy of something seen on Chloe's runway barely a week ago, we actually look more alike than ever before. The sad part is that this shopping behavior is rendering small boutiques a dying breed.

Where does the solution lie? With us consumers naturally! If you must be fashionable, why not purchase only a few items from (insert designer or celebrity)'s collection for H&M, while slowly building up a quality wardrobe from smaller, and (gulp) more expensive stores, which will last you for years and which you can mix and match with every season's trends. If you think you can't afford better pieces, think again. What costs more: buying several inexpensive items a month which have to be replaced a year later at the latest, or investing in one well-made item every few months which you can wear for the next 5 to 10 years?


Toosdai said...

This has always been my argument for vintage. Vintage pieces were made to last because people owned fewer items of clothing back in the day. In the long run, its much cheaper to buy slightly more expensive vintage pieces, because you'll be buying less of them!

Mia said...

Of course it´s very different with vintage clothes. But when you buy new stuff it´s naive to think & say that clothes from more expensive shops will last longer.
Very often designer pieces are made in the same places like Zara etc. order their collections.
Of course Mr. Mühlbauer will argue from his point of view to sell designer pieces in his shop, but looking around him he´d see that the Viennese fashion scene is vibrant. Probably little boutiques should work on their e-commerce to survive.

Karima said...

Thanks, Mia, for putting things in perspective. It's true, expensive clothes are often made in China and sadly don't last very long either.