Sunday, July 18, 2010

Another Word for Nothing Left to Lose...

Gala Darling started an inspiring series of posts called "Mo' Money, Mo' Problems". Part III pretty much sums up the rules for buying I have been living by the last two years. If you have been affected by the recession (like I was in 2008), having to make do with less needn't be completely depressing, but the start of an adventure that may change your life in fundamental ways.

Looking through my favorite blogs this morning, I just realized again how much reading, viewing and blogging has made the rough road back then less hard to swallow, and life just that bit more exciting now that I don't have to be so careful anymore. For example, I notice and appreciate the small things instead of constantly yearning for that Big Thing to finally happen. I spend much less money because of the patience to find things when they want to be found (second hand or discounted) and make use the things I already have more often.

Most importantly, I no longer feel more money would make me a happier person. Which is pretty big, if you ask me.

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Missa said...

Pretty big, indeed :)